Lyrics to Protection
Protection Video:
Tourists wear their wallets
In odd places when abroad
So as not to be ripped off
In ways to which they're not abriged
Lawyers write some goofy terms
In letters to the future
So as not to get all screwed
By methods here then after devised
So will I

And I guess I will protect myself from you
Sometimes I get so tickled that I just can't talk
Then I will protect myself from you
And keep on reminding me I'm always free
I'm always free to walk

You're not exactly
What I'm looking for
You don't even know that
But I've got it straight
I'm keeping it in mind
No you're not what I was looking for
I just need a little more
Of what you've got
A little
But don't make me laugh

Like they say it's a free country anyway

Whatever happens between
You and me today
Probably will be okay
But won't bother me anyway

Always free
Free to walk

You can't
You can't hurt me
'Cause I don't care about you
I don't give a shit
I don't give a shit about you
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