Lyrics to Promise Me
Promise Me Video:
If this is a game, then I don't want to play.
This means too much to me and you're so far away.
But I will wait for you.
We can see this through.
Now it's up to you.
Please tell me, you feel the same way too.

A simple touch, the look in your eye, the sound of your voice.
They do something to me I've never felt but I don't ever want to leave.
Looks like it's happened to me once again.
Things are over before they started, another goodbye,
unless you want to...try and I'll promise you I'll try.

A warm embrace;
it's been a while since I've seen your pretty face.
If you would let me, I don't think I would ever leave this place.
Every shared night just feels so right
when I wake up with you in my arms, staring into my eyes.

Tell me that you'll be waiting
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