Lyrics to Proles
Proles Video:
Who's deprived and depraved? Who's been carrying the can?
Who's been working till his fingers bleed since this planet began?
That's you and me, baby

Ain't no different now, ain't no progress been made
We still get it from the guys who got it, screwed, hammered, laid
Us, honey, the proletariat

Underlings, the vulgar common herd

Who's the guy who gets hit? Who's got his back to the wall?
Sent to the front line by generals in well-protected halls
I'm dirty, I'm common and I'm a, and I'm a, I'm a prole

I would take to the streets but I know where I'm at
I stay in my apartment on the 99th floor, you can't get lower than that
And I'm at the bottom, I'm a prole

We are the underlings, the vulgar common herd
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