Lyrics to Proles
Proles Video:
the thought police now rule our world
and in our faces lies get hurled [x2]

they set up telescreens
no corner out of sight
they feed you happiness
but something isn't right
can't trust anyone
with thoughts you'd like to tell
no escping this dark hell

and our lives grow cold
in their eyes we're proles [x2]

the ministries have made their call
our enemies at last will fall [x2]

they tell you war is peace
and two and two make five
freedom is slavery
you need them to survive
they got the watchers
that list all that you tell
in 1984 you're theirs to sell


the truth is everywhere
it's changing everyday
they'll dictate what to think
be careful what you say
no proof of what is real
no place where you can hide
when they come for you
and lock you up inside

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