Prison Line (So Lovely) Lyrics

Elvis Depressedly

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Lyrics to Prison Line (So Lovely)
Prison Line (So Lovely) Video:
You can maim my will to live
And abandon me to time
You can say that I've committed
All your imaginary crimes
But I ain't gonna ride
Your prison line

You can break every single bone
In my body til I'm dead
You can turn my words against me
Til I choke on all I've said
But I ain't gonna lie
In this sick bed

You can tear my thoughts to pieces
Through your rotting, lying teeth
So I'm discussed as a fuck up
By your phony industries
But i ain't gonna let you
Paint pictures of me

You can hate me for whatever
Illusions are in your mind
You get all your dreams for free
And I have to work for mine
So I ain't gonna ride your
Prison line
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