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Lyrics to Princess Ke$ha
Princess Ke$ha Video:
O.K.! Fuck it!
Oh, oh, yeah!

Time to get the day going, dressing up to the noise,
Yow...crew, so right!
Make princess Ke$ha look fine!
Add a little pink, some magic from my fairytale life,
And oh we go, oh, oh!
Look in the mirror, read my eyes and what is this,
Some genie sluts smiling back, suck it bitch!
Yow, mister ..pass the jack I need your...
...dressing messy, now that's my...

I'm getting ready so nice
It's kinda cool I gotta... my voice
Check this shit out!
No enervated bitch can be nice!
I'm getting customized, customized, customized!
I'm getting ready so damn punked up!
Wait up, mouse!
...of my butt,
Thanks to mister..., you sneaky little fuck,
I'm getting customized, customized, customized!

Please, bitch!
I touch your glitter, I'm a chick,
Now the look is complete!
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