Lyrics to Prince of Mars
Prince of Mars Video:
Hide him away from the backhand of angry
He'll sit quietly as the fizzyness flows around
Never seen wars before, never been to a party
He says "they laugh like balloons, they dance like baboons
They're so different when it's dark"
Hiding away as the noise gets louder
Watching the people loose in the corridor
Too many questions
He can't stay long, this is not his world
"Why are their lips even redder than
The bad one in Snow White
Why do they shout so, are they in pain
I don't understand
Can't stay much longer, I must tame my fox
So this is what goes on when you grow old."

Hiding away in memory now sits my Prince laughing
He had to go, we all have to go, there's too much I didn't ask
Like "what happens when you know the answer
But they're so used to you being wrong?
And why this cover when caught inside
We're heavy hearted, too close to the knives
Our hearts are closing like hammer horror walls
Fingermarked skin, hurt to the bone
We don't understand
Oh, my Prince, answer please
I'll get the pencils
We'll draw ourselves a new world."
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