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anthrax (uk)

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Lyrics to Prime to Pension
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So here I am in this world but why was I born?
So a person can profit as my structured frame is worn
The beginning was at school encouraged with your career
With no ambition in this life is what mother and father fear
They want you to be their admired child, progress, and be someone
And the expectations that they enforce carefully divert you from the scum
Don't let them use your chance as their second time round
They chose to waste their life away, not yours into the ground
From prime to pension it's the fighting struggle for success
From the backbone of the factory to the early retirement seems, nothing more nothing less
Living in the illusion of taking part and working well
Clouds the sweating stamp on you - youre an object to use and sell
Youre living in no more awareness then the product that you make
For people are moulding your thought and skills until youve nothing left to stake
Striving to survive grateful for the little that sees you through
The bosses laughing in their wealth, the wealth that is created by you
And the rewards for your service are never too high
Perhaps a gold watch will help me see those last few years go by...
Before I die.
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