Lyrics to Prime Time Love
Prime Time Love Video:
Playing it safe so long
You lost your inspiration
Clingin' to things that turn out wrong
Won't help a situation
Makin' me pay for the unhappy times
(That's bummer)
Maybe the moon night make you change your mind

(*) So don't hold back
Give yourself a bit of some prime time love
Don't fight
What feels right
You're lookin' in the face of prime time love

I know she left you cold
That's why you need protection
Buyin' the lies that you were sold
Keeps you from true affection
Why waste your nights on tryin' to find
Someone better
Baby, my arms ae gonna be so kind

Repeat (*)

Trust is the answer
That's how it starts
I'll take my chances
This one's from the heart

Repeat (*)
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