Price Of The Fame (Remix) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 2: The Remixes

Lyrics to Price Of The Fame (Remix)
Price Of The Fame (Remix) Video:
[feat. Hell Rell]

[Chorus: x2]
I said the price of the fame
Got a price on my head
This is for my homies doin life in the feds
I keep that dope money in the bed
I got that 4-10 by my head

[Hell Rell:]
You ain't gotta give a fuck cause I rap
See I'm an animal you better give a fuck that I'm strapped
And for the price of the fame
I run up on the toughest nigga
Then I take aim, and mac 10 his brain
The missing link, you can't be a boss without me
I robbed some niggaz in ya hood so y'all could talk about me
These outta town niggaz always bring new york up out me
Like I'm a fucking cupcake something soft about me
You see the semi automatic, breaking that all out
In the road to the riches you taking the wrong route
Man my life is the swizzit
I pay some porn bitches to go up north
And go fuck my man on a visit

[Chorus x2]

[Tony Yayo:]
I gotta price on my head pretty bitches on my dick
50 cal on my hip hollow tips in the clip
Bodies on the scene, rigamortis set in
6 in the morning, home invasion
Make sure you got your 4 with ya
Cause I ain't tryna be a wall picture
I say niggaz don't borrow khakis
They keep they eye on em like jordan
I keep my iron on me in the foreign
Fuck the world I got that bitch bent over
My heart a deep freezer, my heart even colder
The unit, yea we shut down arenas
The llama in arenas like gilbert arenis

[Chorus x2]
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