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PIRACY - Prevent My Birth I begged all the time to get a piece of you you should refuse all the tasks you are forced to do (it's) so late and it seems you fake all your honesty I'm quiet and you are so tired - what else should we be? it is,it is my own fault this is, this is your own court while you're takin'n all my hope I'm accusing you opened eyes but you are so blind - we're changing our moods there's no grade on our behavioures - so you can leave me again it just feels like beeing left alone and it just feels like myself you seem to be the only one one don't you feel ashamed - don't you feel the same? please cure me now - let me burn kill me now - don't take return please kill me now - then leave me burned cure me now - prevent my birth prevent my birth... ************************************************* this is PIRACY's first song the album 'EXPLOSIVE PARTS DIAGRAM' is availabel at: please order! thanx, simon cinnamon

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