Pretty Little Baby Child Lyrics

Kenny Rogers


Lyrics to Pretty Little Baby Child
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Pretty little baby, lying in a manger
Staring at the strangers, who?ve come so many miles
They were told to follow the star up in the heavens
And it brought them to the stable of the little baby child.

Could this be the kingdom of the high and mighty
Is this the ruler, born here tonight
Should we lay our treasures, here by the cradle
Oh, you must be the savior, pretty little baby child.

Sometimes the greatest of miracles
Come from the smallest of things
They knew when they knelt there beside him
They were looking in the eyes of the king.
And that his tiny little fingers would bring us together
For ever and ever, pretty little baby child.

Wonder of wonders, there in the darkness
The light of the promise, how it shines from his eyes
The angels were singing the hallelujah chorus
To the savior before us. Pretty little baby child.


For ever and ever pretty little baby child
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