Lyrics to Pretty Baby
Pretty Baby Video:
Baby what you searching for

I'm pretty sure that you just don't know 'cause

You're looking with your body, not your head

You're brilliant and beautiful

But they don't see when they take you home 'cause

You're just another notch that's in their bed

Ohhh, oh pretty baby

Ohhh, oh pretty baby

(Why you wanna go and do that baby)

I can feel your emptiness, I can see it behind those eyes

Just waiting for the one who understands

(Someone who understands)

Though I'm not like the rest

I'm invisible because you're blind

Jaded and blinded to a chance

(To take a chance with me)

Ohhh, oh pretty baby

Ohhh, oh pretty baby

(oh, you're so beautiful, why you want to go and do that baby)

Don't lie to yourself

Don't let them inside while your heart keeps crying

Show love for yourself

Discover your light where you you'll find me

(In the light)

Ohhh, oh pretty baby

Liefs lucia
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