Lyrics to Pretending
Pretending Video:
Let's say that was then.
Here we go again.
All our friends are filling the room.
It's like a play,
And the words that I'll say
Are not for you. They're for that costume.
Giving you hope
That when they pull the rope
It's on a happy ending. But baby, I'm pretending.

Isn't it hard?
The windows are barred
But you can't let go and can't hold onto
Anything sure,
That's attached and secure.
Looking for a lifeline online;
Something to show
That I really do know.
So that file I'm sending but baby I'm pretending.

Baby I'm pretending even though I know better...

But I can't refuse
'Cause, although on a ruse
You've come to me depending, baby I'm pretending.

Baby I'm pretending.
Baby I'm pretending.
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