Lyrics to President Gas
President Gas Video:
You have to have a party
When you're in a state like this
You can really move it all
You have to vote and change
You have to get right out of it
Like out of all this mess
You'll believe in anything
If you believe in all this but


Don't cry, dont do anything
No lies, back in the government
No tears, party time is hear again
President Gas is up for president
Line-up, put your kisses down
Say yeah, say yes again
Stand up, there's a head count
President Gas on everything but roller skates
It's sick, the price of medicine
Stand up, we'll put you on your feet again
Open up your eyes just to check
That you're asleep again
President Gas is president gas again

He comes in from the left sometimes
He come in from the right
It's sp heavily advertised
That he wants you and I
It's a real cowboy set
Electric company
Every day is happy days
It's hell without the sin, but

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