Prepare For War(hatebreed Cover) Lyrics


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Lyrics to Prepare For War(hatebreed Cover)
Drifting by the heavens unscarred.
Yet unhealed before a bleeding cross.
Thrown into the ash.
(chorus) I've been crossed. Like the lies on a clocks face.
I've been fed lies I can't comprehend.
I've become but a mere seed again.
And I'll prophesize the end.
I have yet begun to fight.
There is no fear in my heart.
No cause worthy of my respect.
In the End I'll rot.
I won't fall prey to deception.
Deception is the means by which they profit.
Deceit if their hearts.
Evil within their souls.
The cruelty by which they exploit
will not be part of my life.
(repeat chorus)
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