Lyrics to Precious Boy
Precious Boy Video:
You, precious boy
Could I have saved you
Was I supposed to save you

There was darkness and light
And there were sweet dreams
As if we were babies playing
Safe underneath the moon
Drinking in the night

When is that day when you get older
Do you blame the government or your parents
Who's at fault for everything not being
What we are

Time seems to pass and I have your number
You're living in New York City
I hear you're writing
I hear you're being everything I thought you'd be

And I'm just awake
Waiting for something
The reinstatement of the girl I was back then
When I had you on my side

I guess it's too late
You can never go home again
Bittersweet to understand
When the moments gone
And all out ties have burned away

Paint me a picture of how you see me
Am I everything that I could be
Or am I an image of something you don't recognize

Where does love go without expression
Does it vanish in the atmosphere
Or linger in the air
Is that why I still feel you there

My vision of love is fading always
From everything it would have been
Should have been
Could have been
If only I had seen you there

Take these wishes as I make them
I'll send them out anonymously
To your bedside
To cover you in softness while you sleep

God grant my prayer and bring it back to him
Bring him Eden before he knows that eve
Will play carelessly
With the heart that he just hands to her
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