Lyrics to Preacher
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It was a long time ago longer now than it seems.
A place that perhaps that you have seen in your dreams...
welcome to my world, is it what you thought it would be?
I am trapped inside this hell between blood queen and purgatory a coop filled covered hall, a tatooed baby
I've got the devil in my corner and Jesus on my wall.


today is an oatmeal day I fell like a monster babe preacher, save me with your call and I will be your little miss scareall.
One eye's green and one eye's blue.
Demons, angels, a love that's true catch me as I start to fall, let me be your little miss scareall.
Halloween is over but I will keep you scared,
take you to the fright side I know you'll come prepared, be your deadly nightshade, turn your christmas black
and you can be my johnny homicidal maniac

[repeat chorus]

Forgive me preacher for I have sinned.
It's been three weeks since my first confession.
I am the one...
hiding under your bed.
My teeth are sharp, my lips are red,
I am the one...
hiding under your stairs with snakes and spiders in her hair
I feel like a monster babe little miss scareall,
I feel like a monster babe
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