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Lyrics to Preach your Death
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Man made religions preaching blatant lies to the masses
A crooked system that 'ensure' them a heaven
'Where is heaven?' if that question arises
You stare stupidly at the space
Knocking the doors of the helpless and the ignorant
Bribing them with the desire of happiness
In return you ask for their soul
To fight for your place in heaven
You think that eternal bliss is in heaven
You picture god is relaxing on his throne
You lust to massage his legs
Just think if you can, where's your body?
Just waiting for your death to arrive so that
You will be ushered to the heaven by the angel
So, why do you still live then?
Just go and die, die, die...!

If you preach again, I'll preach your death
Tearing your lies and burning them
You need not wait for judgment day
I'll show you the hell in you....
God created the universe...
Who created god? You fool!
You know the answer? I created god

In Genesis, your book proved itself to be a lie
A book of historical events
Filled with stupid folk tales
And you call it a holy book
You proudly say that you are a born sinner
Blindly believing in what your book of lies says
Don't you have a mind of your own?
You are just like the one in a herd
Your book says he's eternal and formless
And it says he speaks to the people
So illogical and unverifiable
Indeed, it's the best book of lies
I know that these can't shake your mind
It's not that you have a strong mind
The reason being you don't have one
So, listen to this...
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