Prayers At Night Lyrics

Kareem Salama

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Lyrics to Prayers At Night
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When I was young on the Fourth of July

I'd go outside and watch the show in the sky

But little Fatima in Lebanon this July

Went outside and watched the fire chase her life

I'd laugh and play and make my parents smile

And she'd run for her life, that poor little child

So what do I do with these fond memories

When I wake up from nightmares and she lives bad dreams?

Chorus: And Fatima sends word from Lebanon

That it's high time the world remembers Allah

And she don't have what she needs to survive

But we can bend iron with our Prayers at Night

Yes, we can bend iron with our Prayers at Night

Fatima runs while she yells to the world,

"Why do you scare me? I'm just a little girl.

What was my crime? What did I do wrong?

Now I'm just another note in the same sad song."

Fatima's eyes shift from side to side,

As she breathes in the pain that falls from the sky.

She's trapped in the street where she played with her friends,

Now the fireworks that fall may carry my sins.


Well, Fatima sees angels whisk her away.

They say "Hush, now, girl, there's no pain today."

But before she goes, she looks me dead in my eyes,

And she says "Fear God", then you'll save my life.

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