Lyrics to Praise & Worship
Ruby Yacht
Didn’t he spend many years perfecting his plan?
Yes. Many years. He studied ancient records and learned to forge them. He studied languages. He adopted the manners of a gentleman of culture, knowing all these things were necessary to his scheme. He created a man called—
Uh, uh, Black Orpheus, uh

In the corner of the sky where indigo become purple
Where standin' on your square earn you a tight circle
When they turn to statistics in medians
Ballistics, various artificial ingredients
Dare to call us deviants
Under grey-black, clouds that hunt and gather
No Marshall Mathers
Marshall patterns of law dispersal
Praise be to the most merciful that I was born a lion
With support and guidance, guess I'll follow that north star home
Sure as the porn star moans, engorged on poems
Cataloguing the rolling of stones
Going it alone, but bringing a beeper
Keymasters need Gatekeepers
A rapper is more than they sneakers
Gnashing of teeth and snapping of femurs
Elastic dreamer
There and Back Again, and it ain't on accident
Lookin' like they owe me static
I am clearly in the Lord's trophy cabinet
Iron body coping with magnets
Doping with Magnus
Slopes, quips, and various ropes for dramatics
Barry Bonds type addicts
Seven hunnid in my mattress
Atlas sneezed and I brought a tissue
Orchestrated in the breeze like Mahavishnu, it's no issue
As the soft machine returns to forever

When it comes to hip hop, it's a few things MCs must always do. One of them is, you must always say your name in your rhymes