Lyrics to Power Up
Power Up Video:
Come on baby power up with me
I just dropped me another lead
Come on baby power up with me
We shocking and a rocking to this melody
One, two, ready or not
everybody's about to drop(about to drop)[x5]
Uh huh three, four, five, six
If you don't know girl work dem hips(work dem hips)[x5]
Uh huh seven, eight, nine, ten
If its kicking in well then you spin(then you spin)[x5] spin baby

[Verse 1]
Um hold up, I'ma peel it, in pilly billy
When I shoot two shops holla make that milli
Today was payday Dirty Third in nationwide
Clover in my life got my jaws real tight
Now uh, see this shit twice
I'm just kicking in I'm drinking O-J on ice
Go-go it's just surprised the feeling
That have me willing to
Go the game spitting
Got the baddest bitch hitting
May I mention, I feel like I can fly
Imagine old Southern night
Trying to bring Sprite to something nice
I ain't searching for nobody
But what I do tonight
Here's a pill for your troubles
Uh huh thats tight hold up

[Verse 2]
Boy you see how them niggas be
Moving in slow motion
Undercover be floating
About to snatch the next hoe
Don't act struck, be like who that is at the door
Lit the shit up, blinding like a light show
Belle and cranberry with my belly kicking in
When they hit the dance floor
The real nigga coming
It's on, nigga give me ninety feet
Cause if you give me fifty feet
You gone still be in my reach
You feel me peeps?My mouth be so cold
With them old expos

[Chorus x1]

I'm on three blue knights
I'm on three blue knights
We wreck this on three tool-as
We wreck this on three tool-as
And we fly like a kite
And we fly like a kite

[Verse 3]
Ain't it right tonight's the night
Me and Derete' fight
Washed it down with O-J on ice
"Ey yo Easy how you feeling my friend?"
I'm feeling like we gotta grab gin and a twin
"D reezie how you feeling my nigga?"
I'm explesive want to make a porno flick
Now get naked
I let it roll out and I don't pull a stunt
I hit it from the back while I hit it from the front I give you them things
What did you say "Angela I got stamana
For her and Pamela"
I ain't greety I ain't needy
But both of us together make it twice as sleazy
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