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Lyrics to Power Rap Interlude
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[Prodigy] Power raps inside my skull cap like a brick stack, the kid is back I told y'all niggaz ninety-eight list that Yo, ninety-nine I piss on rap Two thousand where your pistols at? Dunn, we be the men in black fatigue Thirty-thousand dollar chains that swing Yo catch me in the street, poppin that bullshit Catch a fat lip, hoes all over your shit Bust guns like, nuts all over your bitch Yo youse a woman, tell me what the fuck you tryin to do when you're growlin all over the top, you get chewed when I touch that shit, not only that on the concrete We splash more niggaz than the wavepool did Check out my new shit, we blood spill, you still ice grill Mad cause your clique's shit is homo, the Mobb stay real You steady playin the field Nigga you sideline rhyme Customers complain they can't feel You cooked up a half-ass meal It's time for me to catch burn on the wheels of steel My shit fills, the appetite of the populace We could do it via satellites and such And show the world how that ass get bust Ever since a little youth, I had this lust to pick up the motherfuckin pen and just rush like morphine beats, through the wires of the EPS plus you get penalized, for tryin to rock with the utmost Get branded, for bein weak the most, now be ghost The fuck outta here, with that bullshit you tryin to share with the planet, you need to be shot rappin I got sickle cell I feel the pain all year, what's happenin Fake thug wanna front like they contractin Numbers on my head, Dunn please, I'm here waitin You can't touch me, there's no fake love amongst me There's no fake niggaz that's run with me Somebody gave y'all the wrong info, I ain't the Kiko You nympho, put me on to where you breathe at You 'sposed to taught that bitch much better than that I dwell, where the rest of my vets is at From, some to 'Ville to BX and back to the lab and the dungeon My house of reresentatives stay starvin, beats thumpin We unholy, cause there ain't a part missin My commission, sit at the table like the last supper Fucker.. {e*choes*}

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