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[Parody of Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs]

I'm gonna pay it ten percent,
(It isn't mine, I cannot spend)
Say a prayer and seal the envelope.
Then, watch, the blessings grow.
(I sealed the envelope and watch the blessings grow)
Cause with the Lord,
I have to make things right,
And have faith cause He understands my plights,
My prayers have been answered fast,
And I've been blessed again,
Time to go back down on my knees.

Discerning right from wrong,
Power of the Holy Ghost,
Guiding us to be the most,
We pay ten percent, it's what we owe!
He won't ever lead you wrong,
Power of the Holy Ghost,
Power of the Holy Ghost,
We, pay, ten percent of our increase.
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Been patient fasting for a purpose,
To the people who need our help,
And, in, these envelopes,
They hold the keys to feeding their families,
And those kids will never forget,
The kindness that we've brought.
(That we've brought, Oh!)


They say I only think in the form of helping others.
Cause when I pay,
The Lord can bless my neighbors.
It's always on my mind,
I'm tithing all the time.
I'm a moment away,
From the blessings I will find,
(whoa oh oh oh)

(Chorus x2)

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