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Lyrics to Postponing time
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These first days were difficult, I can't deny

This awkward position says it all

Sometimes it felt like I was a king

Nowadays I'm just a simple pawn, I thought I'd be devastated by it

But now I can see I got what I always wanted since the day I've met you



Free from your truth and your lies

They're both dirty as you

(Relieved it's over why was it postponed every time, anyway?)

Just pretend nothing has ever happened

Do the daily things, 24 hours are subtracted from your life

Don't spend those remaining days thinking of why we've not admitted we're one and the same

Flashes go by every second

Sadly enough I miss images I see in my mind

I can't stop living them over again and the urge of keeping my eyes closed is growing

Just let me be


It has been proven again that I suffer from a form of this terrifying paradox

Who am I fooling now?

You're my missing part and I'm just trying to hide the pain my heart is bearing at this time

The continuous thrusts are indicating I'm alive

I wonder if you feel something inside which can't wait to see the world
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