Lyrics to Poster Boy
Poster Boy Video:
[Hook x2]
We here to set the vibe for the day
Watch how we play
Live is the way we live Sorry for the delay
The Mascot for have not's
And despising the decay
Of hip Hop And it don't stop

[Verse 1]

Sick of the sun rise dying to birth this dismal darkness
Bathing in sunshine at every chance as a starving artist
Living 3/4s of the dream (more open to things)
Dodging Scorpion Stings do to the intricacies of the rhyme scheme
(Bring legs to the table) to take a stand we demand change
(Though The Climates unstable) open hands can expand range
I'm finding it a challenge just to listen
To the blisterin cold spittin of the talent less division
Inflicted with inflated narcissism promoting a heartless
Vision that will eventually lead to selling souls for an imploding Mission
The greed and self aggrandizing of these broken pistons
Exposing the loathing of one's self is a desensitizing Advertisement
And while smiling you keep buying all of the Lying that they've written
While I'm here trying to be an upright citizen with the gift I've been given

The poster boy for artistry
Walking the fine line of the Sky line to share a part of me
Crowned by Divine right se hindsight has taught me
To take it to the edge of my head and skydive
Its so live to be alive
Simply brilliant
Today's made for bet laid plans
Just put your hands to the ceiling and take it there
Who cares if they stare don't fight the feeling
We've broken bread between us now
We're family spilling calamity candidly


[Verse 2]

Mythical Tales of trivial triumphs told
To boost physical sales
And the Carp is biting
The old has become classic the new to become plastic
Igniting a generations melting while
Honoring the most average Patron
Empty elixir to a savage nation
You'd think it was the Catalina wine mixer the way their salivating
Most waiting the emergence of greatness
Knowing that their purchase worth it and
Worthy the bless the eardrum surface
Illogic here to spread a hearts worth of artwork
Along with blockhead who lays the undertow where the sharks lurk
(Master of the voice box) Beats knock like the cops came
Lucid limericks mimic the precision of tidal waves
Me and sound found a little hide away
With just enough space for my style the play
In the obscure Depths of the ocean Floor Flesh
I dabble in everything that you long for
And the a lot more where that came from.


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