Lyrics to Postcards From Out Of Town
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?Clearly its evident,? she uttered into the machine.

?Amateur journalists of late seem to lack discipline.?

A frightening trend she thought as she wiped her glasses clean. Retiring another vodka drink with diligence.

Aperitifs arrived transporting poisons to our tickled sides.

She waived the waiter by and asked him to view an old photo of mine. ?Would you have known that this man's words would inspire millions?? The conversation was dry but for the first interview in years it was fine.

?In the beginning it was easy it just poured out of me.

I had this place near ishikawa that I shared with Jii.

I'd spend my morning in the trellis writing over tea.

It was Jii's profound love of the flower that inspired Reed.?

?Postcards From Out of Town, your third novel, made waves the whole world round.? She place her notebook down and without asking she ordered another round. ?Were you surprised?? she said searching for something in my eyes.

?To be so we'll received by Europeans after writing malady??

?Well as you know the Europeans are quite dear to me,

but to be honest those review meant so little you see,

I believe an artist when he's looking, he can't really see. So I keep my eyes closed tight and all my fingers on the keys.?

This was the last exchange for only moments later an anxious waiter screamed ?It's out of love my brothers that I give my life and deliver each of us. but for you ungrateful sinners this was your last dinner and the last chance to make peace. For all of your worldly pleasures, and unholy leisures I pray god grants forgiveness NOW!

Postcards from out of town inform me your condition remains sound.

A line read world round. As ashes blow through windows all over town
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