Lyrics to Possessed By Death
Possessed By Death Video:
the laughter of lucifer
roaring across a hellbound earth
echoes of warning
no longer in possession of our own destiny

water turning venomous with every fearful thought
air turning grey with ashes from the flames of hell
breathing disease as the sky turns red with hate
death climbing the throne of life
restless evil screaming for destruction

i hear the doom marching towards our world
tyranny raid our minds
we are possessed by death
is this the fall of heaven or the rising of hell
for we have suffocated long before this

in the shadow of the burning light
fueling the hellfire with evil hearts
the smell of blood - inhaled by the mournful night
dominion of pain - the path to eternal suffocation
hasting into the condition of unreal

eyes of the dead - behold the path to your grave
cold steel against your throat - the endless war within
hunger for hope torn asunder - your destiny is fulfilled
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