Lyrics to Positive
Positive Video:
Don't say : I will never get a job
Say : I will never be a slob
Don't say : Shit ! Another rainy day
Say : Great ! Gonna sit in a café
Don't say : No tengo dinero
Say : oh oh oh oh
Don't say : What a terrible verse !
Say : It can't be worse
Don't say : Your life is deadly dull
Say : Non Jef, t'es pas tout seul
Don't say : I feel it hard to live

Say : Positive. Think positive
There's no alternative. Just be positive
Positive. Think positive
Don't be so primitive. Just be positive

Don't say : Get this car out of my sight
Say : I just love to walk at night
Don't say : God ! This woman's so dumb
Say : Christ ! What a fabulous bum
Don't say : Gods must be crazy
Say : %*$##ยตยง!!
Don't say : Give me a break
Say : Give me a slice of cake
Don't say : Why can't you simply shut it ?
Say : Yes ! You did it !
Don't say : Stop being oppressive
Say : ...

Biednemu zawsze wiatr w oczy wieje

Sensitive, calmative, purgative, relative
Combative, sedative, laxative, lucrative
Nutritive, intuitive, fixative, probative
Curative, portative

Don't say : What's wrong with you ?
Say : What's fine with you ?
Don't say : Now you're grizzling, you twit
Say : Life is really what you make it
Don't say : Me ? Aggressive ?
Say : ...
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