Lyrics to Posing For Stills
Posing For Stills Video:
i've got nearly all i could want
wish i could say the same for you
but you're missing something that you just can't pin down
and on the days you try and find it
i'm best out of town...
i've got a toaster, a tv, and you
but i'm here scattered and blistered and blue
damn that silencer on your gun
if it were loud and rowdy
i might have known this shot would come
you don't like diamonds, i won't get you none
you don't like republicans, i'll be damned if i'm one
but i live a life that you sometimes despise
i'm broke as a joke, but i won't tell you no lies
if you're without me at christmas next year
will you cry at the thought of these fears?
will "have you forgotten" leave you dancing alone,
or will the kiss of another just swallow my own?
and i love you baby, it doesn't bother me to say
even when i'm saying it in the most embarrassing of ways
but today's not enough to kill this lump in my throat
so let me dream of tomorrow and of the things we once spoke...
i see lights, food, and family, and everyone's there
there's elaine, there's nathan, there's mother and there,
down by the tree, we're posing for stills
with lydia judith and mason mills.
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