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Lyrics to Porch Monkey
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Sitting on the porch of life, They feel no problems or encounter any strife
They're the people who all look the same, Stagnant lives that never change
They're the members of the upper class, Gonna die living in the past

{Cause you're another person without a name, a bumbling bureaucrat without a brain
you're so happy to live in a dream, You're a porch monkey}

So they freed the slaves in 1865, When money was green and the dream was alive
From the mortgage banker to the divorce court, They're propping up people and pulling out the cork
They're members of the middle class, Gonna die sitting on their ass


You're so smart and you're so pretty, And we fucking know you run our city
Spending your wages to look sheik, You live off glory at the end of the week
You're the members of the lowest class, gonna die in a rich mans grasp
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