Lyrics to Popa Booya Boosta Can
Popa Booya Boosta Can Video:
Shake me con da « tostaqui », con da key to be da the masta monkey, masta Me I'm da big fan of this loco « Negro Deseo » but i won't go out , cause i come from the big bang and i'm alive thanks to
da Big Band .
'was livin in a bad place : behind my face , in mi roto case .
Some day , some say ,? So pray my son and it will be ok?
But i decided to hide cause i was a big fan of ...
So i met the fonky mada Mista SNIF , he can gimme da shot, gimme da peace
"stick to this , close da fist, choose in da list, there's no risk , every way to exit , existS ... to have a nice big day con
da Cc"
This Shaka saved my poor life coaz i killed this Fucker making me blind
'ain't got no money, aint got no time !
What duyu think o' my rime :
« Mista Frenshy CD-Decida is just un poco CC-addictA »
What i i decided is to hide cause i was A big fan of ...
My body modjo is yelling "go go !"

Tengo que cantar un poco mas francés
Cause shit sells, so u live in a shit !
I ---- you , i ---- u , u won't tell me what to do
Show me what u've got, show what u've done, don'T u know u're no-one

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