Lyrics to Pop Style
Pop Style Video:
Look pon yuh neighba an, seh neighba Gimme pass mek mi praise mi (Buss de place, excuse mi! who yu talking ) Huh, listen mi nuh An it goes like dis, well den mi guh suh CHORUS 1 my Saviour I love You An no one above you Pop style an, gwaan (Christian anuh bwoy) my Saviour I need You (wooe my my my my?) An no one above you pop style an, gwaan (weh mi tell dem seh. listen mi, yow) tings of di world can bring prosperity Killing each other nah guh change de economy Don?t mek majority be your priority Seek awf an, solidarity Put first an, leggo idolatry Money anuh vanity is necessity Leggo immorality, atrocity, hypocrisy Resist di devil an flee fram pornography Dem deh wi enemy wi put dem inna cemetery Wi are more dan conquerors we have de capability Honesty, charity, sweet personality, mek wi opportunity fi bless Wi ministry

(weh mi tell dem seh, listen mi, yow)

Satan nuh badda mi move wid yu sodomy Malice an, yuh envy an, yuh strife an, jealousy Crime an, poverty plague plague humanity Inna di society pure anxiety Powers an, principalities dat conspiracy As Christian mi affi show humanity Kind an, gentle full integrity Don?t leave nuh room fi harbah Nuh likki,likki,nagga,naggi,pikkie,pikke,beggie,beggi Anuh everbaddy yu fi tell she yu hungry Stand in authority cau u hav, liberty whey yuh serve nuh deal wid partiality Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Nissi, Elshadai, de Almighty Him face de agony inna gethsamane Die resurrect an, gimme de power over de enemy Mek di devil kno seh yuh nuh owe him nuh apology Juck him wid di word Tek back u property, yuh marriage, yuh family, yuh joy, Yuh serenity

(whey mi tell dem sey, listen mi, whey mi sey)

Gimmie, gimme gimme, gimmie, gimmie it fimme

How yu fi tek yuh goliath yuh nuh si mi Evryday yuh deh inna mi ears ningie ningie Devil tek kuff outta david bingy Everybaddy kno, seh dat de devil money grabba Heartless criminal tief an, robba Rob fram mi mama rob fram mi dada Rob all di food outta mi mout, before mi swallah Im mek mi tek mi money an, guh tek it buy lickah try di beer but di beer taste bitta Mi tek tek it buy weed an, weed is killa Smokin, nuh fimmie lungs nor mi livah Mi tek it buy ring pon each an, evry finga show awf mi self wen mi toes favah ginga Mi tek it buy gun fi guh buyaka, buyaka mek yuh nuh hear seh san dead lef, papa

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