Lyrics to Pop Guru
Pop Guru Video:
Sign up for a lecture with a man in a tranceYou?ll see the saints are all a step below the mastersListen and believe what you?re going to receiveAnd maybe you?ll avoid the next disasterPop Guru?s got a message for youAnd we?re all followingWe?re all followingKeep your power and your promiseAnd erase all your sinsAnd you can be all priestesses and healersIf they can be divine, then so can youAnd so are all the prostitutes and dealersWhile angels move like photonsThe skeptics persistIf you want a past life you can have oneSwimming in the gene pool before we existDo you have your rubber gloves on?

Songwriters: Pendergast, George Edward Iii / Richards, John Robert / Browning-Cravens, Rodney / Alexander, Scott Preston / Wood, Jim B
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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