Lyrics to Poodleman
Poodleman Video:
one scay night
he appeared to me
while I was in my bed
it's the poodleman

what do you want?
what have you come here for?
that's not important
that's what I tell to you
I just want to know
where are the shears?

what is your intention?
what does this mean?

"I am the poodleman with the Class-Five SFLB
cut on the top and sides, long in the back
two bottles of Geri Curl and a crimping iron,"

no, mister poodleman, don't you dare come near me
I don't want to look like the vampire of brooklyn
stay away, poodleman, get the hell away from me
if I wanted hockey hair, I'd learn to play the game

that's all I remember
then it all went black
the next things that I remember
I woke up with this mullet

oh poodleman!
what have you done to me?
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