Lyrics to Pontchartrain
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O it was one fine morningI bid New Orleans adieuAnd took the road to Jackson TownMy fortune to renewI cursed all foreign moneyNo credit could I gainWhich had my heart a-longingFor the Lakes of PontchartrainI stowed aboard a railroad carBeneath the morning sunAnd I rode the rails 'til eventide'Til I finally lay me downNo stranger would befriend me'Til a dark girl toward me cameAnd I fell in love with a Creole girlOn the Lakes of PontchartrainI said 'My bonnie Creole lass,My money 'tis no goodAnd if it weren't for the alligatorsI'd sleep here in the wood.''You're welcome here kind strangerOur house is very plainBut we never turn a stranger outOn the Lakes of Pontchartrain.'She took me into her mama's houseAnd she treated me right wellThe hair upon her shouldersIn jet black ringlets fellTo try to paint her beauty'Twould surely be in vainSo handsome was my Creole lassOn the Lakes of PontchartrainI asked her if she'd marry me,She said that ne'er could beFor she had a loverWho was far away at seaShe said that she would wait for himAnd true she would remain'Til he returned to his Creole lassOn the Lakes of PontchartrainSo fare thee well, my Creole lass,I'll ne'er see you no moreAnd I'll ne'er forget your kindnessIn the cottage by the shoreAnd at each social gatheringA flowing bowl I'll drainI'll raise a glass to my Creole lassOn the Lakes of PontchartrainI'll raise a glass to my bonnie lassOn the Lakes of Pontchartrain

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