Lyrics to Pollie Wallie
Pollie Wallie Video:
Put a beat on and I murder it,
You bitch pussy, imagine it,
Might get in the bitch, I run it back,
I let her sqirt, never heard of that.
Those sad gangs ain't nothing, east side don't like nobody,
Let them high and tear them, and everytime on his body,

I'm Pollie Wallie, my whole team, we rolling,
These niggers wanna trip, want a bitch near a dich,
Okay, source up these niggers,
We fuck all these bitch so we just fuck all these bitches.
Okay, they did know I was shitting, but I'm always on a mission, that was a reinvention,
Them niggers better get a picture, ‘cause I swear to God I'm killing them,
Sitting here with the fiction, now nobody feeling them
I'm mister F B with a water ring, mister fuck that bitch with water ring,
I murder bitch, I murder king.
Fear niggers, ‘cause where you niggers from?
Rapping shit, nigger, be your fucking dayjob.

Okay, I'm rolling, going down, got them bitches getting photos,
Auto moto money, all the bitches trying to sell them off,
That pollie wallie, wallie, wallie, rolling like a molly
And she probably probably probably got a molly in her body.
Shawty in the back seat, shut out the book shots
While that nigger that switch cheese, fuck cops, they could suck cock,
And chop that can in a tree, bad bitch that stay crazy,
Talking about a real nigger while you fuck with my man ain't me.
Yeah, I go now, camera on the hoe,
Know I keep that glamour and that glamour wanna go.
I'm fucking with the killers and they fucking with that coke,
Niggers fucking with that slope, nigger fucked around to get smoke.
I spit that dope, that crack flow, that gun blow, that snipe with that scope.
Dehead a ex hoe, flow out the world to restrooms
You niggers all sexual, the game ain't nothing,
Keep ruining that to get down, hoe.

Okay, it's pollie wallie, break a bitch part of a molly,
Molly got these bitches like oh my golly golly
Then they run my dick, it's like a trump in the alley alley alley
And niggers been on trip or else is homie homie homie.
Fell in love with that bank girl, fell in love with that stank hoe,
That ain't nothing new, I'm just telling you how my day go.
If I fuck her, then I charge her as if she was out and they go,
Got a dope dick like a quarter, call me G money that pay souls.
That mean on my hip, but I lose all like airholes,
Gucci in my feet got me fucking like pretty hoes,
Kill a big crib, but I fuck a blood and they own it.
Then a nigger trip, seem the slay wherever his jay go.

Swag, got like a rack in the back,
Now he said fuck these bitches in the back,
Now he mad, come to the hood, that's why I'm mad, nigger,
The doom minatti, dressed in black with that click-clack, nigger.
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