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Lyrics to Political Prisoners
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this song is for all the political prisoners, both
here and around the world, for the people
incarcerated for fraud, stealing, and larceny, and
all other crimes involving property, for it's
nothing but the state protecting the rich from the
poor, ever since we lost our common ground, that's
what the law's been for..i see no criminals, i see
before me political prisoners. this song is for
all my friends, for all those inside for drug
offences, does the state really care aboutyour own
misguided will? - no. they're protecting the
profits of the pharmaceutical and tobacco
corporations. and you must suffer, for the
oligopoly of the few...this song is for all the
political prisoners, for anyone who wants to live,
live like they know they should, the indigenous,
minorities, the mentally ill,the passionate few,
as we're fighting for justice, they may take away
our freedom to walk, but they can't take away our
freedom to dream.
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