Lyrics to Polaroids
Polaroids Video:
Make you feel something
It's that thing that make you feel so good we keep it
Straight up funky
It's that Bump it's that Funk, it's that thing that make you
It's that Bump it's that Funk, it's that thing that make you

Where they gone put the city on the map no vacation
Your time coming homie stay patient
They be saying Jay momma call me Jason
Never was I put in a good situation
People like me had to make a way and.
Figure out on my own, Balling out on this loan
If you know then you know
If you don't then I hope
One day we gon' make it out this joint
Chilling with the homies that be rolling up a joint
I don't even smoke homie thats just point...
Less nigga im just tryna make my point
Come from where I'm from you get tested
Damn the funk is up you don't mess with
Me I swear this shit gon' get messy
I ain't even violent I ain't even trying
Niggas get silent
Sirens, all I ever hear coz we tryin
To make a living, Imma tell you how I'm feeling
Imma tell you where the realist be at
Same old niggas talking wanna be that
One step ahead homie did you see that
Rat race homie, I'm the leader of the pack
Back pack homie, cool aid sippin'
Cool J chilling, East side chilling
Sticking to the roots homie ain't no weave
All I ever want is space to create and breathe
Might sound cray, homie that's just me
Can a nigga just dream?
Might sound cray homie that's just me
Let a nigga dream

Man I was only 16, nigga with a dream
Listening to people tell me what I couldn't be
Man you so wrong coz your boy grown now
I don't give man, I'm going all out
I'm from the city where the niggas in the hood ride out
People wanna tell me timeout (DAMN)
I ain't stopping Imma get it right now
Same old shit, see me still rolling with the same old clique
Take no shit
And I can tell you how it feels to be living and can't pay
That's real life homie, ain't no thrills
Girl couldn't ride with me nigga shit got real
Just got a deal... More shows
And I ain't even messing with these hoes
I just do it for the people and I do it for my bros
I can tell you we don't love these hoes (WE DON'T LOVE THESE
He don't even shine no more
Damn, he don't even write no more
The homie you supporting ain't fly no more
Momma feeling good she ain't crying no more
Young homie started doing this in about 04
Gave a little bit more from the soul
Did it all on my but its cool cause we on now
New shit knew this what you on bout?
Waking up early in the morning I be hearing bout beef in the
Some things don't change in the hood
Bang Bang shoot shoot in the hood
Duck Duck, weave weave that's all you see in the hood
Damn but I guess we're living good though
I guess we feeling good bro
I can make you feel good though


Make you feel something
It's that thing that make you feel good
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