Lyrics to Poison
Poison Video:
I wanted to see it in your eyes,
All this respect and love.
But it was only dellusion
Of my hopeless dreams.
Now I'm trying to survive
Inyour world full of rules
Your wish is an order to me
You're like a poison...

I don't care any more
I'm not sure about anything

You're like a poison...

Sometimes I can see fear in your eyes
But sometimes it's contempt
And I gives me the creeps
I don't get it it's rather strange

What's in your head?, Tell me
"A violation of the human rights"?
You must be kidding:what rights?
Don't say it's toxic treaty

I hate you and I respect you...
I reject you and I want you...
You're guilty of my fears...
You're the witness of my madness...

I can not look into your eyes
With no fear
There is no place to me
In your dreams.

So listen I don't care any more
I'm not sure about anything
It was different, but now...
Life can kill every feeling
It's hard to say, what I feel...
You can be mad, I know that
It was more that I could have stand
Now it's really hard...
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