Lyrics to Poison
Poison Video:
The dirty naughty who rocks her body at night
And glossy, superhuman, annoyed? You avoiding no mega stop me
Maybe my physical, but my mental is drop a pencil
Sharper inners with sharper finish, I'm so essential
Since you been callin' that brush down on my new Ferrari
I don't own it yet, but damn, I'mma get it probably
I'm super on it, sniping all of you moving targets
So, dearly departed, handled with some soup and some garlic
Supernatural flowing outta my mandible
Don't fuck wit this, I may handle you animals!
A cyber punk, newage mixed with old-school
A Robocop, Johnny 5, Terminator 2
I am now past, present and future sound
Exquisitely made, hand-crafted, I hold it down
Making the rounds, not walkin', floating, I make it to other realms
Rocking the bells where real minds always blend
We ain't like "be alike and see us well"
Cultivating a new experience, we so compelled
Rottin' in self, this track is poison, it never fails
I get in the zone, so deep, it's similar to spells
Like Nostradamus, seeing the future is a round of
Noodles cooking up in the pot, we got something in common
High Sodium vapor lamp over linoleum
Beat board going so hard, he yoggyin'
Don't be an asshole, become a black hole
And gallantry spin around you like a lasso
Graduate from the hate, move your taso
Throw your cap in the sky and I'll be back home
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