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i think back to when isabelle went barmy
she showed me stuff that she learned in the army
and dazzled us with skillful origami
- she liked to watch the pointless rivers flow
those pretty little things that look right through me
are looking quite distinctly 'getaroomy'
the spectacle i must confess is gloomy
how avidly their pointless rivers flow
gonna lay my hands upon you
gonna chase you round the pond
(may not be so exciting now these elements are gone)
we know that satan's watching us
and has been all along
and thus we see the pointless rivers flow

we know that these discussions get us nowhere
(although there may be something of a glow there)
it's interesting but let's not even go there
how merciless the pointless rivers flow
the mad man and the madam and his honey
they try to get a muzzle for the bunny
they swear they never do it for the money
but just to see those pointless rivers flow

gonna shine my light upon you
in your half translucent state
we're roaming in the gloaming now
until they close the gates
the rose trees are in blosom
and the waiters take the plates
how beautiful the pointless rivers flow

the all-around entertainer gets quite aresy
they won't translate his lame shit into farsi
somehow to let it go would be more classy
how tedious the pointless rivers flow

sir jasper left a fortune to the nation
his last words were no kind of indication
of where he stood on futile stimulation
he lived to watch the pointless rivers flow

gonna blend into the background
gonna float me out to sea
the mighty waves of nothing much
are washing over me
i still can't really feel i'm unconditionally free
i dig to watch the pointless rivers flow

the thing that we just did out on the landing
it really was beyond my understanding
i wasn't fussed - just like to keep my hand in
you cannot stop the pointless rivers flow

the boys from work have gone and planned a night out
they hoped one of their number wouldn't find out
the last one in the building turned the light out
they're off to watch the pointless rivers flow

things that used to shock us
these horrors and delights
it's disappointing that they all went down without a fight
the meaningless is leaking though we plug it every night
and endlessly the pointless rivers flow

had a rare old time last night
and we got remorse today
we tried it all night last night
and we did it all saturday
can't you, can't you feel the love today?
and on and on and on the pointless rivers flow
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