Lyrics to Poet's highway
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Poet's Highway (M. McDonald)

Well the world zips by with abrupt key changes

It flies apart and rearranges

Like a spider on the wall I get around

But man I'd love to see you in my hometown

Walking up my street with your cadence that's unique

Overshadow innocence with knowledge

The kind you don't pick up at college

All my rhyme schemes don't work sometimes

But you talk in poetry and you know that moves me

I'm so far down some poet's highway

And I am missing you I hope you're missing me too

Well boyish charm don't cut it no more

I got the devil knocking on my front door

I got a pregnant mind and I'm in labor

It may be a breach don't you do me no favors

There's a thought in there for you

And if you don't know what to do

Send your box tops in care of me

And if you come to the gig I'll let you in free

I've been up and down a busted ladder

It's broken and insane and I am madder

I've been through the valley of the shadow of death

Got to the other side only to find another test

But I'll bet you passed it too

If not I'll help you through

Coffee and cigarettes let's talk shop

We don't need emotional traffic cops
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