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(Divided into pieces of the sun) I can tell by the color of the sky You and eyes so red divided into pieces of the sun I fall into the moment understanding why I try so hard to hold it but I let it fly... let it fly away And only the future seems clear to me right now A foreign objective to be at peace with... On and on I can't believe the echoes of the falling rain Time walks away No matter what we do we can't erase the walls around the poet's dream Shiny broken thoughts that sit alone have lost their way Handouts all around distort the charity Waterfalls suspend the air and birds fly in reverse Nature misinterprets who she's meant to be and all in one day A stolen misconception can't correct what I have seen To you to me it's all a lie and so I intervene Without the world's forgiveness I cannot be brought to life Forever in the winter I see summer in the distance, summer in the whispers of the night

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