Lyrics to Poed Up
Poed Up Video:
(feat. Big Moe, Big Pokey, Papa Reu, Thug Dirt)

Oooooh, yeeeeah
Big Moe, Thug Dirt, Po-Yo, Papa Reu
(uh let's toast to this), yeeeeeah

[Big Moe:]
Everytime you see that Moe-Yo, man I'm po'd up
On 24's, so you know I showed up
See me on keep me down, I done blowed up
But I'm still the same ol' G, gotta hold up
Moe-Yo top down, when I'm sipping mayn
And wiggly-wood, what I'm gripping mayn
And my partna Thug Dirt, stays up on the lean
Bar promethazyne, is in my genes
And my kin folk Po-Yo, sipping on a potent fo'
On the low-low, knocking down bad hoes
And you know I stay, playa made my nigga
Talking down, I'll pull a trigga my nigga
Thoed young G, from the 1-2 to 3
Hes born and raised, the big bar baby
AKA, that nigga Big Moe
Knocking down bad hoes, Mo-Yo I do it slow

[Hook x2: Papa Reu]
Roll candy on that car, (po'd up)
Got about three in my cup, (po'd up)
Coedine got me messed up, (po'd up)
Ballers see wrecking my truck, (po'd up)

[Thug Dirt:]
I got a styrofoam cup, a big bag of ice
A pint of prometh', and a bitch with a dyke
She come on two wheels, I call her bar on a bike
They both fucking sucking, and we drank all we like
She say call up on the eight, I'ma call Moe tonight
Pokey on the three way, and tell Reu to catch a flight
We gon hook up at the club, man later on tonight
Rock a show bust a pint, then top it off with Sprite
We drink mud nigga, not brown but the red
Slowed down in Texas, you can call me Screw Head
You gotta feel these boys, out the Southside of Texas
We dripped up and draped out, in a bubble gum Lexus
We put drank in the cup, drank on the black
Put drank on the sweet, and the rest in the back
Take my name off the bottle man, you catch a case for that
We sipping on some sizzyrup, you gotta feel that

[Hook x2]

[Big Pokey:]
Thug Dirt I'm po'd up, I'm po'd up
Plus I drank it and I sell it, a nigga running low I need to load up
I tear the road up, sipping on this slowed up
Drinking out the styrofoam, cause it keep it cold brah
Niggaz call me stitches, cause I keep it sewed up
Got a jug fourteen, what it go fa'
Let it go brah, all night everyday
Purple kush blowing on, purple stuff po'ing homes
In the zone, talking sluggish on my phone
To a yellowbone, pulling up on a hell-a-chrome hold up
I don't drank hard, I try to drink smart
Speed behind the wheel, tripping better thank God
What good is drinking drank, if you can't nod
Bout the same as a bull, if it can't charge
Need to try to stay awake, keep your guards up
Need to try to stay awake, keep your guards up

[Hook x2]

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