Lyrics to Plowed
Plowed Video:
i'm know i'm not that special
especially in your eyes
so when i see you tonight
please don't apologize
why couldn't i have just kept my mouth shut
because i feel like shit again
can't get my foot out of my mouth
life's so unfair it seems

i never met a girl quite like you
so pure and so true
now that you don't come around
i feel like i've let you down
wish i could say the words
that could stitch things up, make things okay
but i've already said too much
and it doesn't matter anyway

i'm sorry for what i did
what was i thinking
i'm sorry, fucked up and now you're leaving
i shouldn't have told you the truth
i should have lied
i should have thought of how you feel
if i could take it back, i would
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