Lyrics to Plowboy
Plowboy Video:
There's a lot of small towns in this world, just like the one that I came from
Where any dream you have is just a dream, it ain't nothin' that can truly be done
Well, I'm gonna tell ya'll a little story about the day I set out to leave
As I was loadin' up and sayin' my good-byes, some redneck Einstein said to me
Well, I see you packed up your suitcase and I seen you throw it in the truck
Headed off to the big town are you? Well son, I wish you luck
Now I don't mean to bust your bubble, but boy, the way you're thinkin's wrong
Go on out and chase that foolish dream of yours
You'll be back before too long

'Cause you're a plowboy, you ain't no city boy
Yeah, you were born with dirty hands
Yeah, you're a plowboy and you're thinkin' silly boy
Just tryin' to make you understand

What you'd better do is put them overalls back on, go on out and fix that old barn door
Keep your far fetched fantasies to yourself and fetch a load of feed down at the country store
Or better yet, go on, have at it, go see how high you can fly
But you'd best be back when that green leaf comes in, boy
We're gonna need your help come July

Repeat Chorus

Well, now here I am a few years later
I've come a long way from that old farm
I got stocks and bonds and a house with a cement pond
Got a genuine Rolex on my arm
Well, I'd like to ask him what the taste of crow is like
See him face the fact that he was wrong
You see, I always knew where I was headed
But I've never forgot where I was from

Yeah, I'm a plowboy, I ain't no city boy
Oh, I was born with dirty hands
Look at me now boy, sure is a pity boy
I couldn't make you understand
Go milk that cow boy and that wood needs splittin' boy
And you'd best get back to bailin' hay
Yeah, I'm a plowboy, but now look who's silly boy
From now on be careful what you say, ya hear
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