Lyrics to Plowboy
Plowboy Video:
Hand me that balloon right there
Boy I used to love to do this when I was a kid
Watch this Hey watch this girl
Plowboy, ain't that funny, plowboy

(Sounds of a horse going neigh)

(1st Verse)

Well I'm a packing up my truck and I' m a head down south
Where real men packa lips with dips in their mouth
Start a moonshine steal sleep in a tent
buy some cheap livestock find some land to rent
Then I'm a Cledus T. it up and down the farm
With a couple of barns a baby calf in my arms
You know I hate to brag but I'll be tilling the most
Run a barbwire fence from post to post
Keep shells in my gun, Deer heads on my walls
Live out in the sticks and wear overalls
why because I wanna
Find me a home in a cow town baby Where the buffalo roam
read the farmers almanac for all the right reasons
Make sure my crop is the top of next season
Cledus T. is a farming freakazoid
Yeah I'm heading down south sucka
Because I wanna be a plowboy baby

(With my upraised hat on my john deer tractor)
Plowboy baby
(Redman pouch for the chewing tobaccer)
Plowboy baby
(Sleeping at night cause I work all day)
Plowboy baby
(You can smell my pigs from a mile away)

(2nd Verse)
I bet you'll hear my rooster crowing when the day begins
He goes..
(Sounds of a rooster crowing)
In lust for a hen
Home schooling, home fries, good homemade wine
Well harvest the fields
(But not before its time)
Plant peas, and beans, green beans and rice
Haul manure from the barn to fertilize
And if the price is right I'm gonna sell my hay boy
And let G-E-O-R-G-I-A know why they calling me the Plowboy baby

(With my truck locked down in a four wheel drive)
Plowboy baby
(Living like a king in a single wide)
Plowboy baby
(Sleeping at night and bushhoging all day)
Plowboy baby
(Thank god for Willie Nelson and Farm Aid)

(3rd Verse)

YEAH... Cledus T. you can call me a hick
The only woman for me is a Dixie Chick
I got two billy goats week 'fore last
Till my snapper gets fixed They'll be cuttin' my grass
Back hoeing, scare crowing, shoeing my horse
You know a horse is a horse
(Of Course, Of Course)
Screws up the spread gotta make it look right
I gonna paint my barn red and paint my fence white UH!
Find dayus, calm and toe tomatoes
Irrigate some ground for my sweet potatoes
Drink wine makers, storm like Quakers
Got no love for you vegetable haters
How I'm gonna buy my seed
Sell my soul to the seed and feed
My dog is green just like my hay bail
Ain't no chickens in my yard keep em all in my trailer
Dog named old yeller cut through a stick
I'd slop my hog but I

(Already feed it)
I'm picking off ticks, scratching poison oak
But I keep on sucking thanks to calamine lotion

got a 4230 with my diesal whining
spend all my time on a big combine
Praying at night it'll rain some day
You can smell my pigs from a mile away
Got my crop laid out and the sunshine shining
Got an old tin steel with my moonshine shining
You can smell my swine
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