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Evolution Fight

Lyrics to Plight About Now
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Serene in my thoughts
I can't afford a pain so I bark
A piece of mine while my hand sketches a seven I saw
Through the gore through the bore 4 seasons of war
To landlords bein hardcore victim is poor for money
Life's a bitch but im diseasin a whore
Like STD's burnin weed earn degrees there's more
Fuck a folklore I keep it raw
Truth I start to find more hope
Brought while I sleep on floors
My nigga, I know I gotta struggle
The struggle is a hustle
I'm flippin every word, bag it up hope it touch you
So you can be a fiend that I can see dreams
But when my eyes open, live it and enjoy bein
Life I want it bad and I gotta have it
Thoughts of a loner and a muck
I'm a lone maverick

Livin the Armageddon and battling status quo
One minute truth here, go for what you know
Locked in the hands of thugs
Is money and sellin drugs
Fiends get cracked up
But kids need their hands on love
Picture my sorrow raw, I never chased nothin
I let it hit me hard and make sure I feel somethin
Livin the Armageddon and battling status quo
One minute truth here, go for what you know

[Cise Star:]
Only the ruly knew it, livin wit many bruises
But that's okay, through hard times I move fluid
Feelin the beat of rhythm, hopin you niggaz hit em
And drummer boy kept us in line, we gonna get it
Marchin in victory, fists closed and raised high
Breakin the enemy, mentally 'til we pushed aside
C'mon my brother we marchin to the front lines
Collapsin on the backs of those that just died
Born in my bitter high, my arms they don't quiver
I move for purpose, determined just to be the winner
Cry me a river after, for those who didn't make it
I'll make sure the memory's never forsaken
They paint the way for me, so I can live and breathe
So after they gone, I'm here to tell the younger seeds

Strive; from the background
Push; through the middle and
Fight; to the forefront
Nigga we gon get it up
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