Play 2 Win Lyrics

G Perico

Play 2 Win

Lyrics to Play 2 Win
I can't wait until they free my homie
I can't wait to drive the Vette through the set so they can see me rollin'
I can't wait until they free Greedo
We ain't no ordinary niggas out here baby, we know the key code
Money, power, respect if it ain't at least five hundred thousand then it ain't a check
Yeah, if these walls could spit bars
I talk about my life, and that shit made me a star
Number one in the section that I'm from by far
I thought niggas woulda loved you but they caught me off guard
My back against the wall I'm gon' bet it all, I play to win
And bring thе game back to my dogs, Innerprize cliquе
Innerprize clique, play to win
Innerprize clique, play to win

Yeah nigga, It's ya boy 03 checkin' in from his Texas pen
You know they tried to railroad a nigga in this bitch
Checkin' in with my boy G Perico you know what I'm sayin'
I fuck with a nigga for just supportin' me
Keepin' a nigga name alive while a nigga gone, you know
My day one, every time a nigga say pull up I pull up
So I appreciate you know always returning the favor
Being right here for a nigga, I'll be back sooner than later you know I'm sayin'?
I'm icy, a whole lotta cars and jewelry gettin' copped from in here
So a nigga ain't starvin' you know what I'm sayin'
But just be on the lookout for us to do a whole project together
So I'm finna be on the way
Just make sure y'all keep screamin' free 03